[Download] Mardial & Friends (2017)

Mardial & Friends (2017)

Mardial is finally ready to release the Mardial & Friends featuring the future of Indonesian Hip Hop.
The 6 track EP will feature Ramengvrl and Gbrand of Underground Bizniz Club, Ariel Nayaka, Yacko, Matter Mos, NinjaTea and Saesar of Preach Jakarta and De La House.
Pushing the sonic envelope - listen to Mardial and these MCs like you’ve never heard them before.
The EP is Bass music with a heart of Hip Hop but with a wingspan from Grime to Synth Pop.

"Mardial & Friends EP"
Available Now : https://uprising.lnk.to/mardialfriends

Tracklist :

01. Mardial - 1 Juta 1 Verse (feat. NinjaTea)
02. Mardial - Digital Love (feat. Ramengvrl)
03. Mardial - HypeGone (feat. Gbrand)
04. Mardial - Over Kill (feat. Saesar)
05. Mardial - Rush (feat. A. Nayaka)
06. Mardial - Spread Love (feat. Matter Mos, Yacko)

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