Don't Have Skill In PHOTOSHOP? No Problem!

Hasil gambar untuk CANVA

My friend! Are you struggling to learn Photoshop just to make a high quality thumbnail? Worry no more! I am here to save you  Cool

As we all know, THUMBNAIL is a big factor in attracting viewers to view your videos.
To sum it up,
Quality or intriguing thumbnail = More chances of getting views
More views = more chances of getting leads/sales.

Anyway, here it is! BEHOLD!
The website is CANVA.COM

It is a website where you can create your youtube thumbnail for FREE.

How to do it? 3 simple steps ONLY!

1. Sign up (Its FREE)
2. Start making your thumbnail according to your liking
4. Download it (It is a PNG file)
3. That's all
5. I reversed #3 and #4 and you didn't know it before you read this because you are so serious.
6. Now you are smiling. Forget #5, it's nonsense. I'm just messing with you 
7. I told you before we start, Its only 3 SIMPLE STEPS! Okay. Now don't read #8
8. And you still dare to read this huh? Stop right here.
9. I know you will still read this too. Hahaha!
11. There's no #10. Now you know  Have a nice day 

Its plain and simple. Also You don't need to resize it. Congratulations 

BONUS! You can also make a youtube cover, facebook cover and more.

Disclaimer: It is not my website  Tongue