|Easy Tutorial|Hack Wifi Password (Windows)

|Easy Tutorial|Hack Wifi Password (Windows)

Hasil gambar untuk Hack Wifi Password

You'll need to run both of 
WinPcap setup (WinPcap Folder)
Jumpstart setup.exe (Jumpstart)

After that run Waircut
And click on "Scan" to search for hackable wifi

The following icons will show you the possibility to find the wifi password
 JdxvSzJ.png =High Chances                                                          
deopgBl.png=Low Chances but still possible ! you can try it 

Select the wifi you want to hack then click on "Pixie Dust"

Wait for the process to finish and enjoy ! you'll get the password at the end if everything went good !

And theres alot more to do with it

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